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While Luca Pferdmenges mostly performs in Germany and some neighboring countries, his show art sometimes also takes him to far away from Europe. Among others, he performed juggling shows in China, Costa Rica and Iran and has already travelled to almost all continents for his art. Luca is known for his entertaining LED shows, which he has already performed for the soccer team VFL Borussia Mönchengladbach, for example.

Jongleur in Frankfurt buchen, Jongleur Frankfurt, LED Jonglage NRW
Jongleur in Köln, Best Juggler in the world
Juggling Show Anthony Gatto, LED juggling show


SEVEN is an harmonic glow show performed by using programmable high tech LED-Clubs. While it starts calmly, the show suddenly develops into an epic mixture of breathtaking skill and light programming at its finest.

Watch the clubs change colors perfectly timed to the music and a unique 5 club final in the end which makes the show unforgettable.

Duration: 5 minutes

High Tech LED-Shows with the Aerotech-Technology

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SEVEN uses programmed high tech LED equipment. That means, every single club is individually programmed. The Aerotech-Technology™ allows them to change colours not only in perfect coordination to the music, but that on a milisecond basis. Every cue in the music can be modified by Luca. That furthermore means that the colour scheme can be customized for your brand, company or event! 

All five props contain a total of 300 RGB LED's and every club has the capability to glow in over 16 million colour tones. That is correct, 16,000,000 different colours! No matter what colour scheme your event has, Luca has it all.

Other shows that Luca offers:


In the brand new stage show “Visualize”, Luca Pferdmenges and Jan Daumin combine artistic highest level juggling with a creative and a diverting act. The show is composed of different unique elements and can therefore be individualized for your event and your wishes. It features everything from programmed equipment to minimal movements and extracts of modern dance. The show was first performed in a local school in Costa Rica. 

“Visualize” can be performed with live vocals.

Duration: up to 20 Minuten

Sophia Robinson and her FutureHoop Designer in Duo Avo

When Luca is joined by his hula hooping girlfriend Sophia Lily Robinson, the two perform under the stage name Duo Avo. In their stage shows, they use not only the programmable LED equipment from SEVEN, but also LED hula hoops to create stunning visual effects. With the FutureHoop Designer™ used in the Duo Avo show, it is possible to insert your company's logo, a text or even a face that will light up when the hula hoop is spun!

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Juggling Mashup Show

Originally created for the “Double Tap Live Finale”, a social media event in Milan, this show features the latest internet trends. The feedback on the first performance was so overwhelming that Luca decided to offer it to other events as well. It is for sure the most energetic and positive act on this list. From “Barbie Girl” to Fortnite dances, Luca has it all. The show is ideal if your event needs a fresh and funny breeze.

– Good vibes guaranteed!

Duration: 7 minutes

Juggling Show at the Double Tap LIVE Finale 2018 in Milan, Italy, worlds best juggler

Show for children: The kangaroo!

A kangaroo jumps onto the stage, presenting all the things it finds in its pouch: Juggling Balls! The kangaroo! is a humorous show, combining technical juggling with nerdy sound effects, which gives it an entertaining factor especially for kids. In the show, balls clubs and rings are juggled.   

Duration: up to 15 minutes

Juggling Routine for outside venues

Of course it is not always possible to accomodate an LED juggling show in an inside venue. Luca Pferdmenges also performs outside, without any high tech equipment. Even when it is raining, Luca can still perform an entertaining juggling routine. If you need a reliable source of entertainment for your event, Luca is the right choice!

Duration: up to 15 minutes