Luca Pferdmenges Juggling

Learn to juggle with a true world record holder!

“Precise tips and personal feedback are two of the main keys to success in juggling. In my 1 hour session, I will take your juggling to the next level!”


– Luca Pferdmenges, world record holder in juggling


From now on, you will have the possibility to book private 1:1 Skype lessons with Luca Pferdmenges. He will take you through 1 full hour of undivided attention to your juggling and your progress. You will have the possibility to ask whatever you want, wether you want to improve your 3, 4 or 5 ball juggling, your club balance skills or simply learn one specific trick. The 60 min. session is an amazing opportunity to receive precise tips from a true world record holder.

The offer is designed not only for complete beginners, but even intermediate and advanced jugglers have the chance to grasp some everlasting tips from a pro. 

Price for 1 hour: 39,00€

Price for 2x 1 hour: 70,00€

After you have purchased the lesson, please send an E-Mail to so you and Luca can arrange a time. He will structure the entire session based on your level. So do not be afraid if you have never touched a juggling ball, Luca is here to teach you, not to test you!

Learn to juggle online with juggling world record holder Luca Pferdmenges

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Luca Pferdmenges

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