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About Luca Pferdmenges

Luca Pferdmenges is a world record holding juggler and performer from Mönchengladbach, Germany. He became known in Germany after reaching the finals in the TV Show “Superkids” on the national TV channel Sat.1. Since then, Luca Pferdmenges won 10 gold medals in juggling competitions and has gained more than 1 million subscribers on the social media platform Tik Tok. In 2019, he quit high school to pursue his passion and make a living from performing full-time. Luca Pferdmenges has performed shows in numerous countries including Austria, Italy, Poland, China, Israel, Costa Rica and even Iran.

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“I believe that with dedicated

practice, anything is possible”


– Luca Pferdmenges, world record holder in juggling

Luca's story

Luca Pferdmenges was born on the 24th of August 2001 in Rheydt, Germany. He first got in touch with juggling when a school circus came to his primary school. Back then, he was 10 years old. He participated in a circus project for a week and learned the basics of juggling. At the end of the week the whole school performed a show to demonstrate what the children had learned – Luca juggled three balls on stage for the first time!

He knew that he wanted to keep juggling as it was so much fun for him. During the next two years Luca enjoyed tricking with three and four balls but never got to experience the unlimited possibilities of juggling. It wasn't until three years later, in 2014, when he finally went to his first juggling convention and saw Stefan Brancel practicing 7 clubs. He had never seen somebody that good before. This moment significantly changed his attitude towards juggling. One year later, Luca set his first official Guinness World Records.

Since then, he has been pushing the limits of juggling.

Donation Project Iran 2020

In february 2020, Luca Pferdmenges and Jan Daumin directed a charity project in Tabriz, Iran. Months before the journey, Iranian juggler Amir Reza had contacted Luca via Instagram and explained the situation in his hometown. Amir's biggest dream has always been to perform a juggling show with real LED juggling balls. This however seemed impossible as he lives from less than 3$ a day from which he has to feed himself and there are no juggling prop manufacturers delivering to Iran anyway. Thanks to the, a German touring theater production that donated 5 “Juggglow”-Juggling-Balls (LED props worth over 500€), Amir's dream would soon become reality. Luca and Jan took the long way to Tabriz to meet and juggle with Amir Reza. And not to forget, to hand over the 5 “Juggglow”-Juggling-Balls that enable him to perform a programmed LED act. On top of that, Luca donated his own juggling props as an extra surprise for Amir and Amir himself got invited to perform in Iran's Got Talent! When Jan and Luca left Iran because of the Covid-19 outbreak, Amir Reza was the happiest juggler in the world and has worked to improve his stage shows ever since.

After having immigrated into Azerbaijan from Iran, the Georgian border would not let Luca and Jan pass, because they had visited Iran during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is important for Luca and Jan to emphazise that they did not fly to Iran because of corona, but although there was the outbreak to not dissappoint Amir. The project was planned since December 2019. They finally managed to return to Germany from the International airport of Baku.

China Circus Festival 2019

In October and November 2019, Luca performed shows with Jonglissimo at the Wuqiao China International Circus Festival in China. On his trip to China he had multiple shows in cities and locations such as the Grand theatre in Shijiazhuang and the brand new circus theatre of Wuqiao, the hometown of chinese circus. The participants of the festival even went to visit the Circus school of Wuqiao, which remains the most iconic place in China's circus history. The artists had the possibility to sleep in the new “Circus Artist Hotel”, a 2019 built hotel in Wuqiao, specifically created and designed to accomodate circus artists. In Shijiazhuang Luca was joined by his girlfriend Sophia Robinson. Luca especially enjoyed chatting to people from all around the world, including circus artists from North Korea.

Luca with Jonglissimo and circus artists from North Korea at the Wuqiao Circus Festival in China

Passing World Records

In January 2018, Luca Pferdmenges toured with the “Feuerwerk der Turnkunst” as part of Jonglissimo through Germany. On that tour, he set a new world record in 11 ball passing with Daniel Ledel, keeping 11 balls in the air for over 5 minutes. Nobody in human history has ever passed 11 objects for so long. One year prior to that, the two had already set a new world record in passing 12 balls. Again, nobody has ever passed 12 objects for so long. Through his career, Luca Pferdmenges has performed for big companies including the soccer club Borussia VFL Mönchengladbach who contacted him after their sporting director Max Eberl had seen Luca perform on TV.

Superkids 2016

In 2016, Luca performed in the German Tv show "Superkids" in which young talented kids from all around the world show their extraordinary skills. More than 1.5 million people watched his juggling tricks on TV. In the show he juggled with Michelle Hunziker, Felix Neureuther, Wayne Carpendale, as well as many talented kids from all over place. Luca impressed the jury and reached the final episode. He then filmed two videos together with Julia Beautx who is a German beauty-YouTuber with more than a million subscribers.




             Solo Juggling World Records

    • 6 ball halfshower (2 minutes 51 seconds), set in 2018 
    • 8 ball reverse fountain (13 catches), set in 2015
    • Most connected 3 club 3 up 180s (210), set in 2017
    • Most connected 6 ball 6 up 180s (2), set in 2017 and tied with Anthony Gatto
    • Most 7 ball 7 up 180s in 1 minute (5), set in 2017 and tied with Ty Tojo
    • Youngest person ever to flash 11 balls (age 13), set in 2015 

             Duo Juggling World Records

    • 11 ball passing (1506 passes caught) with Daniel Ledel, set in 2018
    • 12 ball passing (475 passes caught) with Daniel Ledel, set in 2017



    • NK 2016 Open Dutch Ring Juggling Champion
    • NK 2016 Open Dutch Club Juggling Champion (Youth)
    • NK 2016 5 Balls Endurance Winner
    • NK 2016 5 Clubs Endurance Winner

    • NK 2017 Open Dutch Ring Juggling Competition 3rd place
    • NK 2017 Open Dutch Club Juggling Competition 3rd place
    • NK 2017 Open Dutch Ball Juggling Competition 3rd place
    • NK 2017 5 Clubs Endurance Winner

    • Aichtal-Convention 2016 Skillnight Winner
    • Aichtal-Convention 2017 Skillnight Winner

    • EJC 2017 5 Club Endurance Winner
    • EJC 2017 7 Ball Endurance Winner

    • Voted into the “Top 40 Jugglers” in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

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